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Posted by Karmabunny on

Remote identity checks with InstaID+

Minimise organisational and workforce risk with InstaID+ identity checks.

InstaID+ allows you to confirm the identities of prospective applicants and customers against government-backed databases. Validating a person’s identity is a fundamental process for safety, security and compliance.

Processes like onboarding new clients, hiring new employees or verifying new tenants can all be undone if the applicant is not who they say they are. With InstaID+, you can quickly validate your clients, employees and tenants to avoid the potential risks that an inappropriate person could bring to your business and team.

You can now be assured they are who they say they are with InstaID+.

The InstaID+ difference

InstaID+ process is extremely fast - from setup to integration, all processes are designed to be seamless and get you and your applicants on the road to verification quickly. Dashboards and workflows can be set up within a day and most identity checks take less than 60 minutes to be processed.

The InstaID+ analysis software can provide face matching from just a selfie photo, meaning it’s incredibly easy for your applicants to input their information. The service also comes with end-to-end applicant email and phone support.

InstaID+ provides document analysis for applicant authenticity, document verification for applicant validity, biometric verification for applicant ownership, and liveness detection for applicant confirmation. All the components you need to ensure you’re dealing with the right person.

The best part? InstaID+ is extremely affordable. Invoices are issued monthly and can be paid via credit card or bank transfer. We also offer a range of billing configurations to support on-charging to downline businesses or departments as required.

Get in touch today

If you’re looking to protect your business and verify your applicants, look no further than InstaID+. With its efficient remote functionality, InstaID+ makes it easy for you and for applicants to confirm their identity in under an hour.

Contact us today to have a chat about how InstaID+ will improve your identity verification processes.


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