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Read more about International Fraud Awareness Week (November 15-21)

Posted by Karmabunny on

It’s International Fraud Awareness Week this week and we want to remind everyone to continue to be aware of the risk of fraud and to stay cautious with your personal and business details. We often hear about fraud perpetrated on individuals in the news, whether it’s investment s…

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Read more about Trust and verification in the gig economy

Posted by Karmabunny on

The gig economy is growing, with recent statistics from a report commissioned by the Victorian Government revealing that 13.1% of over 14,000 people surveyed had engaged in some type of platform work and that almost two thirds of Australians routinely rely on online platforms li…

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Read more about Pinksterboer Property

Posted by Karmabunny on

With InstaID+ all we have to do is send the link and the clients have the flexibility to complete their VOI when it suits them, like after-hours or on the weekends. We’re really enjoying the efficiencies and flexibility that InstaID+ offers us and our clients. Jess AtanacioFile…

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Read more about Get to know your apprentices and trainees

Posted by Karmabunny on

With the recent Australian Government announcement of a $1.2 billion wage subsidy program to support businesses in employing 100,000 apprentices and trainees, it’s a no-brainer to introduce apprentices and trainees to support the rebuilding of your organisation and the economy, …

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